Comfy Work Outfit Ideas For Women To Try 34
Comfy Work Outfit Ideas For Women To Try 34

34 Comfy Work Outfit Ideas For Women To Try

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You may have replaced your long commute to the office with the choice to work from home, but that’s no excuse to lounge around on your computer in your p.j.’s, messy hair and bunny slippers.

While some may say who cares what you wear as long as you are comfortable because no one is ever going to see you anyhow, the truth is this: When you look professional, you feel more professional and it shows in your bottom line.

Now let’s be realistic, a business suit, pantyhose and conservative pumps is just plain silly when you are working alone at home. But there is a point to be made about dressing
better than your “I’m sick- get me under the covers and don’t bother me” outfit.

The key is to dress appropriately which means -dress more casually than you would in the outside work world, but still look sharp, not sloppy.

Here are 5 guidelines for dressing when you work from Home:

1. Create a work at home wardrobe

Set aside a certain of money towards this clothing and reserve your home office wardrobe for just that, so that it feels special.Don’t assume co-coordinating tops and bottoms are all you need for your work at home look. Think ahead to days when you may have to run out to a meeting or pick up something for your business. Then you may need a jacket to finish your look.

2. Don’t let Comfy mean Frumpy

Yes, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, but there are lots of stylish choices out there besides worn jeans or whatever is in your closet that day. Even though it is tempting to throw on a tired sweat suit, try something else comfy. Knit stretch tops and pants with elastic waistbands are comfy and cozy, but will still keep you in the right frame of mind to do business.

3. Stay Tuned to Style

Keep it simple when working at home, but stay current on what’s in style. You don’t want to go out for a coffee meeting and realize you’ve been hold up in your house for so long you look like you are caught in a fashion time warp. Accessories like a great belt or handbag are a great way to look current.

4. Punch up Your Wardrobe with Color

Working at home can be lonely and it’s easy to get into a dreary rut by wearing boring colors. Lift your spirits, as well as feel more confident, creative and productive, by getting yourself out of black pants or blue jeans and into some brighter clothes.

5. Allow yourself a Casual Friday outfit

One of the big benefits of working from home is you can pop off to the gym anytime you please, and on those days when there is just not much happening at your home office, you may not want stay very casual. Consider these days your Casual Dress down Fridays the way the do in the corporate world.

Give yourself permission to wear a workout outfit-but not just any old one!! Pick a workout suite that still looks neat and pulled together.

6. Make time for Hair and Make-up

When you look good you feel good, and it makes a difference in how you interact with others, even if it’s just over the phone or computer. While it’s tempting to throw your hair up in a ponytail and forget he make-up, after days and days of this you are going to feel very much like a frump. Respect yourself and groom yourself like the professional you are.

7. Keep a pair of chic shoes by your desk

You probably won’t be wearing shoes in your home office, but you’ll need a pair when you step out, because there’s nothing like ruining your credibility like showing up to meet someone in a pair of dirty tennis shoes. Keep some chic ballet flats next to your desk so you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice. It’s details like this that make the difference and show others that you truly are professional and not a rinky dink businessperson running a half baked business out of your basement.


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