Charming Summer Outfit Ideas For Ladies 26
Charming Summer Outfit Ideas For Ladies 26

30 Charming Summer Outfit Ideas For Ladies

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I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to saying goodbye to the cold weather and a big *hello* to warmer temperatures. Since it didn’t come sooner than I expected, I decided to take an impromptu trip to San Diego in the beginning of April to get my mood into a sunny perspective.

Who can seriously handle all this snow? Oh my.

I packed my cute sundresses, thong sandals, suntan lotion and got ready to wear less clothes in public! That might not sound as decent as I intended, but what the heck, when you are in California you do what the Californians do. And I am not complaining!

Having to wear all the bundles of clothes for the winter season that never seem to want to end can really get depressing.

Much to my own personal disappointment, I discovered that no matter how diva-li-cious sexy my carefully put together outfits looked like, my tootsies weren’t ready to come out and embraced public nudity! Being stuck wearing my boots for the last six months has not inspired them to be ready for the sudden exposure without any help. You ladies know what I mean: callouses, rough and dried skin, seriously ugly toe nails… oh, and let’s not forget the odd 1-inch hair that usually sprouts on your big toe. It’s not a pretty picture. And I’m not even sure why I am disclosing to the general masses that I am not so perfect all the time.

So, after pacing back and forth in the beauty aisle of one unfortunate Rite Aid… I picked up my last minute treatments to give me back my beautiful toes:

1. Cuticle Remover Cream – It’s the extra strength stuff that gets rid of the excess dry skin that you see on your heel and your toes. Lather it all over your feet and make sure to put a lot of attention at places hardening takes place like nail cuticles, heel and toe tips. Leave it on for about 10 minutes longer than usual. Wipe it off with a textured towel carefully and soak your feet in warm water for about 10 – 15 minutes.

2. Gold Bond Foot Cream – Almost all drugstores carry it for cheap. It works better than any of the fancy body butter stuff that you buy for three times the price. It will not give you the aromatherapy smell, but hey…. it works like a charm. I carried the bottle with me everywhere I went during my trip and whenever I noticed little dry spots, I’d start the moisturizing process again. Overnight, I used a pair of cotton socks after I used the cream to enhance the treatment.

3. Soft Soled Sandals – I think part of the reason why my feet is so cracked is because I walked barefooted around the house all throughout fall and winter season. I bought myself my fav Okabashi sandals in San Diego and wore it at the hotel, at the pool and possibly everywhere else that didn’t require fancy dressing.

4. Large Shimmer Dust Translucent Nail Polish – It’s the best ingredient for sexy looking toe nails! Really. This type of nail polish reflects light and I just love looking at them when they start changing color depending where I’m hanging out. I picked up a good old trusty Sally Hansen version that just made my vacation even brighter.


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