Creative Wedding Dresses Ideas For 37
Creative Wedding Dresses Ideas For 37

38 Creative Wedding Dresses Ideas For

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Every bridesmaid’s nightmare is the ugly bridal party dress. It’s almost as if the bride purposefully wants to place her favorite girls in ugly dresses. Thankfully, brides have started making their bridesmaid dresses slightly more modern and prettier. The case still remains of how best to help the bridesmaid save money on the dress and feel good in her body to want to reuse the dress and get the best deal. Here are some easy ways to make the dresses reusable and still make the bride stand out in a crowd.

A new popular trend is for everyone to wear the same color and but a different style allowing each bridesmaid to wear the dress that better fits her body. For example, if a girl with a larger bust wants to wear a better bra and not fuss with a strapless gown, then her dress could have a broader strap and more fitted neckline. If you’re bridesmaid look and feel happy in their dresses then they will be more likely to reuse the dress, almost like their own party favor, and get the most out of their money.

Another way to keep the dresses reusable is to make them short cocktail dresses. Short dresses aren’t appropriate for every wedding; however, it’s become more acceptable to wear cocktail dresses. If they keep it short and simple, then bridesmaids can reuse the dresses for other occasions, whether it’s for work functions, a formal night out, or another wedding.

In keeping with the reusable theme, use simple elegant, soft fabrics. Cottons and silks, for example, are re-wearable and soft on the skin. They won’t bind your bridesmaid in any way and are easy to wear again.

If you go with the same color different shape theme, stay away from patterns. Patterns are difficult to wear and show up awful in pictures if everyone wears a different pattern. Instead, why not choose different shades of the same color. This way, if someone looks better in darker versus lighter shades they can choose which they prefer and add variety to the bridesmaid dresses.

Why not utilize the latest fashion trends, like two-toned or band-aid dresses in your wedding party? Instead of the simple Jessica McClintock-like dresses, find dresses that have that banded or two-toned look. They’ll be more modern and edgier. Your bridesmaids will then have a fashionable dress that they can wear again.

Vintage looks are another trend. Find dresses with fifties or forties inspired cuts to add elegance to your party. Most of these dresses come in dark shades that will contrast nicely with your white dresses making you stand out even more in pictures with your entire bridal party. Be careful to not make the dresses old grandma looking. They should be vintage inspired, not out of your grandma’s closet. For example, find dresses with a simple boat neck neckline. The neckline is taken from the 50s, but doesn’t scream old lady.

Remember that your bridesmaid dresses should reflect your personality. But if you want your bridesmaids to be happy with their dresses and not feel as if they’re wasting money, listen to their opinions. They might surprise you on creative ideas they might have. It’s all about communicating with your bridesmaids and enjoying the wedding experience together. After all, what are best friends for?


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