Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer 32
Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer 32

32 Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer

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With the spring wedding season just about to begin, many a woman is taking a look through her closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear to this wedding!” Fear not, as this handy guide will provide you with all the inspiration needed to pull together a gorgeous outfit for every spring wedding on your calendar. With the knowledge at your fingertips, you will find shopping for spring wedding attire to be a pleasure instead of a chore.

As with any wedding, it is important to consider the style, location, and time of the spring weddings which you will be attending when planning your outfits. It is always a good idea to keep in mind that weddings are, by their very nature, more conservative than other events, so not every new trend hot off the runway will be appropriate for a wedding guest.

In other words, no dresses with cut-out midriffs, even if they are all the rage in the fashion magazines! The nice thing about the more classic-leaning tendencies of weddings is that if you choose wisely, the dress you buy to attend a wedding this spring will still look stylish for next spring’s weddings with just a few fresh accessories.

Ruffles are a big trend this year, and their feminine appeal makes them perfect to wear to a wedding. Look for a pretty sleeveless dress with a ruffled neckline, such as those shown at J Crew this spring. If sleeveless seems a bit chilly, layer in a coordinating dressy cardigan (for daytime) or a silk wrap (for evening). The sleeveless style will make the dress versatile, as you can also wear it for summer weddings. With a busy neckline, you will find that the best type of wedding jewelry to wear is a simple necklace with bolder earrings. A swingy cluster drop pearl or crystal earring design would be a lovely complement to the feminine style of the ruffles.

Pretty colors are always a welcome breath of fresh air as spring sweeps winter away. The hot colors for this spring include turquoise, violet, and coral. Soft neutrals like champagne are also in vogue, for those women who are wary of bright colors. They make a good alternative to dark neutrals like black or navy (please no somber dresses at a spring wedding!), and have just enough depth of color to avoid looking too close to bridal white or ivory. The prettiest way to wear a neutral tone dress is when it is in a flowing pleated silk. When the color is subdued, you can feel free to play up your accessories, like a fabulous pair of shoes and lots of layered pearl necklaces for your wedding jewelry.

Spring is always a season of beautiful flowers, and this is certainly a lovely idea for spring wedding attire. A dress or skirt decorated with a fanciful flower print will always be appropriate for a wedding guest. You can keep the look modern and current by selecting a dress or skirt with bold flowers, rather than tiny sprigs. A touch of a contrasting pattern, like a striped sash or fabric flower pin will add a dash of fun and whimsy. A fitted blouse or a ladylike twinset in a solid color will be a good match to a colorful floral skirt.

Getting dressed for a spring wedding can be a lot of fun. When shopping for spring wedding guest attire, the things to keep in mind are color, ruffles, floral, and above all, fun. The lighthearted spirit of spring makes it a wonderful time to attend a wedding.


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