Pretty Lemons Dress Outfit Ideas 36
Pretty Lemons Dress Outfit Ideas 36

37 Pretty Lemons Dress Outfit Ideas

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So you have found your dream dress, now it’s time to sort your bridesmaids! If you’re having more than one, different colouring and body shapes (not to mention personality) can make finding something they will all look and feel fabulous in a bit of a challenge to say the least. Here are a few helpful hints that you may wish to consider. They may just help keep the peace and keep the stress levels down!


Getting a colour that works for all of your bridesmaids as well as fitting in with your colour scheme can be tricky. You may have had your heart set on a particular colour but bear in mind that you may need to be a bit flexible to make it work.

If your bridesmaids all have very different colouring don’t worry, there are options:

  • Universal colours such as purple, teal or turquoise work with all colourings. Although quite dramatic colours they can be toned down with accent colours in the accessories.
  • Neutral colours such as charcoal, stone or pewter also suit most colourings. You can then bring in your colour scheme with the accessories such as shoes, belt/sash, corsage etc.
  • The other option is to wear different shades and tones of one colour i.e. if you want them all to look pretty in pink you could go for variations of the colour. So if someone has very warm colouring (red hair) a coral or salmon pink would look great on them, if one has very cool colouring (pinkish skin-tone, blue eyes) then the powder pinks will suit them. If another has dark or clear colouring (dark hair) then they will look better in a fuchsia pink.
  • If you want to be really different, have all your bridesmaids in completely different colours a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City The Movie! That worked because they were all the same depth and tone of colour, with the royal blue, scarlet and black. If you wanted something less dramatic you could go for softer or paler colours i.e. powder pink, baby blue, sage green and lemon yellow as a group.

Body shape

It’s highly unlikely that all of your bridesmaids will have very similar body shapes and believe it or not a strapless a-line dress does not work for everyone, particularly for those with a larger bust. If your bridesmaids are in their 20’s or above it’s far kinder to kit them out in dresses that all compliment not just each other, but their own body shapes. The effect of your bridesmaids in very matching dresses can look a bit out-dated. Far better for them each to pick a style that suits them individually. The whole effect will be far more sophisticated and stylish. You can keep the bridesmaid theme by having the dresses in the same fabric and colour scheme.

It’s a good idea to avoid any fabrics that are too shiny, they are so unforgiving and your bridesmaids won’t thank you when they see the pictures. Remind them to invest in some decent underwear, as they too will be having plenty of pictures taken.


We all have a different approach to clothes be it more dramatic, romantic, classic, city chic, natural or creative. Chances are your bridesmaids will all like to finish off their outfits a little differently. It can be a nice touch to let your bridesmaids personalise their dresses by choosing their own accessories and can be the difference between them feeling slightly uncomfortable or really themselves.


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