Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For 35
Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For 35

36 Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For

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Once you have found your dream wedding gown and beautiful bridesmaid dresses, you will get to have the fun of accessorizing them. Every woman loves a great pair of shoes, especially for a special occasion like a wedding. These are some ideas on how to pick the most fabulous shoes to accompany your gorgeous dresses.

Metallics are one of the strongest trends in bridal shoes right now. Whether you prefer a beachy pair of flat sandals or a sky-high pair of stilettos, a gold or silver shoe will look stunning. One of the nicest thing about a pair of metallic shoes is that they will be great to wear again after the wedding. This is a distinct advantage over the traditional white bridal shoes, which will languish in the back of your closet for the rest of your life.

Shimmer is also a hot trend for bridesmaids. Metallics are also very popular for attendants, in a neutral shade like bronze, silver, or pewter. Another great look is a strappy patent leather sandal. If your bridesmaids are wearing crystal bridesmaid jewelry, you may want to steer them towards a pair of shoes with a fun crystal accent to coordinate with the bridesmaid jewelry. Remember, that the best look for bridesmaids is for each one to wear a slightly different shoe. They will look more chic and feel more comfortable.

The shoes should be chosen to look terrific with the bridal gown or bridesmaid dresses. Certain styles will definitely pair better than others. If you are wearing a romantic gown, you can opt for a vintage inspired shoe. A pair of hot strappy heels is ideal with a sexy sheath dress. And you can use a dramatic shoe to add style to a very simple gown.

You are not seeing so many of the very basic white pumps these days. Brides want their wedding shoes to be spectacular and very much in style. Even the pumps that are in fashion now have a lot of detail and flair to them. Some trends include the d’orsay pump, slingbacks, and ankle strap pump. These are wonderful shoes for brides who prefer more shoe than a very open sandal, but want something chic and not frumpy.

The trend in bridesmaid dresses is for shorter styles, which means that their shoes will really show and be a focal point of their outfits. Stay away from the old-fashioned dyed-to-match shoes, which rarely end up being a perfect match anyway. Your bridesmaids will be delighted if you give them free rein to select their own shoes within a few specific parameters, such as silver sandals or black heels. A shoe in a contrasting color to the bridesmaid dress looks much fresher than one that is the exact same color.

Have fun when shopping for your wedding shoes. Don’t be afraid to pick something fun and interesting to peek out from under your dress. And remember that this is your chance to splurge on a really fabulous pair of designer shoes!


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