Incredible Fall Wedding Dress Trendsideas 37
Incredible Fall Wedding Dress Trendsideas 37

37 Incredible Fall Wedding Dress Trends ideas

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If you are getting married in the fall, you may be wondering what style of wedding dress is most appropriate. Can an autumn bride wear white? What about sheer fabrics like chiffon or organza? Let these great ideas about fall wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses help you get ready for your autumn wedding.

Fall is a special season with its own unique flavor. Rather than wearing a summery dress, play up the feeling of autumn by selecting a wedding gown which really suits the season. While brides can certainly wear white at any time of the year, warmer tones like cream, ivory, and champagne are very attractive for fall. Women with warm undertones to their skin or blond hair often look wonderful in an ivory gown. If yellowish undertones make your skin look sallow, seek an ivory with a slightly pinkish hue or try a gown in champagne or pale mocha.

Sheer fabrics like organza and chiffon really are not appropriate for autumn. They are just too light and summery. Better choices for fall wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses include silk shantung, dupioni, mikado, taffeta, lace, and satin. For a late autumn ceremony (say around Thanksgiving), velvet is another excellent choice. If you like the fluid drape of chiffon, substitute a heavy silk crepe instead. You will get beautiful movement in a seasonally appropriate weight.

Heavier laces such as Alencon or Venise are more fall-ish than lightweight Chantilly lace. The richness of a beautiful lace is a gorgeous addition to an autumn bridal gown. Lace isn’t only for brides. There are also some marvelous lace bridesmaid dresses available. A chocolate brown lace over a mocha colored lining would be absolutely stunning for the attendants. The bride could give them bridesmaid jewelry gifts made from mocha colored Swarovski crystals to complement the dresses. Another fun idea is to give fall bridesmaid gifts made from leaf shaped crystals for a great autumnal touch.

Strapless dresses are in style all year round, but the fall does give you the opportunity to explore different necklines. A lace bridal gown with lace cap sleeves and a brown sash would be absolutely gorgeous for a fall bride. Or try on dresses with V-necks or portrait necklines. Off-the-shoulder styles are one of the up-and-coming necklines right now. They may be what takes the place of the one shoulder trend, which is starting to fade. If you do opt for a strapless wedding dress, you may wish to wear a lace shrug for the ceremony. It is nice to be a little less bare for an autumn wedding service. A lightweight silk velvet shrug in ivory is another elegant option for the bride. Bridesmaids may wish to have wraps or shrugs to wear over their dresses as well.

Of course if there is one thing fall is famous for, it is the rich colors. Definitely shop for bridesmaid dresses in deep or warm hues. Jewel tones are very popular right now, and classic fall shades like brown, russet, cinnamon, and cranberry are always lovely. The bride might even wish to add an embellishment to her gown in an autumn hue or surprise everyone by wearing a great pair of shoes in her favorite rich fall color. Everyone is sure to look absolutely beautiful in their perfect fall wedding attire.


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