Lovely Outfit Ideas To Wear This Fall 35
Lovely Outfit Ideas To Wear This Fall 35

36 Lovely Outfit Ideas To Wear This Fall

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Wearing white after Labor Day used to be a fashion faux pas, but not anymore. White can be a beautiful color for fall and winter, especially for all those holiday parties! Here are a few ideas to help you accessorize white outfits for a perfect holiday look!

Casual Outfits

  1. Wear a white knitted sweater over skinny jeans and high flat boots. Tone the brightness with a soft colored tube scarf. Carry a soft leather purse in a neutral shade.
  2. Layer a long white shirt over leggings and short heeled boots. Wear a long pendant necklace and let your hair hang loose under a fedora. Reverse the colors by pairing a long chambray shirt over white jeans for an unexpected twist.
  3. Belt a long white tank top over distressed black jeans and flat leather boots. Wear a spiked bracelet for an added edge.

Work Outfits

  1. Wear a white dress shirt with grey dress pants. Wear a pair of brightly colored heels for a twist and finish with a flashy gold bangle and delicate chain necklace.
  2. Pair a white pencil skirt with red heels and a black crewneck sweater. Drape a long necklace around you and wear your hair in a casual bun for a sophisticated look.
  3. White dress pants will look beautiful paired with a mustard colored silk top and red drop earrings.

Semi-Formal Outfits

  1. A white cotton dress under a short tweed jacket is a classic look. Accessorize with dainty gold jewelry and a leather clutch. This look is great for events where you have to be dressed up but not formal like family gatherings and church.
  2. Navy blue pants and a delicate white mohair sweater top are a beautiful combination. Crystal drop earrings will add an elegant finish.
  3. A black and white striped pencil skirt, a sleeveless white top, and gold heels are a modern twist. A stack of bangles and pearl earrings add a classic edge to this outfit.

Formal Outfits

  1. Bridal gowns are the ultimate formal dress. It is best to go with classic and timeless accessories such as crystal earrings, a pearl choker, and a satin clutch purse.
  2. Winter ball dresses come in different styles and colors. A short white dress covered in rhinestones is perfectly paired with a shimmering silver sequined clutch purse.
  3. A little black dress worn with white pearls is an absolutely elegant look. Finish with a faux fur stole. If fur is not your style, wrap a warm white pashmina around your shoulders.


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