Amazing Nude Nail Arts Designs With A Sparkly Accent 37
Amazing Nude Nail Arts Designs With A Sparkly Accent 37

37 Amazing Nude Nail Arts Designs With A Sparkly Accent

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For this year, let your finger nails and toes have a new look. Rightly so, it is just proper to know about new nail trends for 2014.

You have many choices on what to have on your nails. Nail polish comes in happy colors like green, red, yellow and orange. For a look of sophistication, you cannot go wrong with nudes, white, and even black nail polish on your nails.

Today, nail trends include colorful dots, beads, acrylic crystal designs, floral, stiletto, stripes, metallic and a lot more playful embellishments and detailed art designs.

You decide which nail trends reflect your personal style. Create your own distinct look with beautifully polished nails and toes.

Create a combo look for your finger nails and toes

Show your creative flair when you polish your nails and toes with luscious colors of yellow, deep red, green and orange. Choose any color to match your dress, your lipstick, eye shadow and other fashion accessories.

And do not forget about nail art. This is the stylish way to display beautiful nails and toes. Check out which styles reflect your best moods.

Try the half-moon nail art design

This uses 2 colors to paint your big toes. You can combine yellow and blue painted like a half-moon. Then alternate blue and yellow on your other toes. This also applies to your thumbs, and then alternating the colors with the rest of your finger nails.

Polka dots on your nails and toes reflect a cheery look at once

Use one color to paint all your toes and nails, and then using a dotting tool paint a color in contrast to create the dots. How about cherry red and dotted with white color?Your style creates a cool and vintage look very well put-together.

Floral designs on your nails and toes create a very feminine and glam appearance

Paint your big toes with a base color and then draw a flower on top of each toe. Your thumbs could have floral designs as well. You can choose to paint floral designs on your other fingers and toes; or opt to just polish with the basic color for a distinct effect.

You can go for the multicolored look

For your thumbs and big toes, paint them in two or three different colors, and let the rest of your nails and toes have the base color without any additional colored polish. If you choose to do all nails and toes, go have the fun of doing so.

Likewise, nail trends also include tiny decorative marks and stickers

When you do not have time to do your nail art, then sticking tiny decorative marks would be the quickest way to resolve your situation. Just add a top coat and you are done.

With stickers, you can go for star stickers, animal stickers and some other cute sticker designs; and add glitter polish to achieve a fabulous look.

Today, Nail Art lets you use various designs and styles to match your own unique style. This new fashion trend adds fun, spontaneous beauty and fab to your total look.


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