Modern C To Upgrade Your Wardrobe 38
Modern C To Upgrade Your Wardrobe 38

38 Modern C To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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That section in the store that says “Women’s Clothing on Sale” is perhaps the last place you’ll consider to help upgrade your wardrobe. They’re on sale simply because they were last season’s stars that have bowed out to the newer trends. Or they have served their time on the display rack, having been intimate with the hundreds of ladies who have tried them on. Perhaps you’ve passed by a yard sale. The women’s clothing on sale here are most likely worn out or steeped in that distinct mothball odor. The stuff here will never be able to update your look. Or can they?

Don’t snub that ragged looking bin or that crowded multi-colored rack just yet. There’s always the chance of that one great find that will take your look into a different direction. The best part is that you’ll get them at a low price without looking cheap. Tapping the sale rack for style takes just small amounts of imagination, patience and cash. The items you’ll find are unique in themselves. This should all the more encourage you to break away from the trends that occupy so much floor area. Stop looking like everyone else and step out in style.

Here’s how some items under the red-letter sale sign can raise you to a new level of style and class:

Jewelry – A great accessory is the simplest and best way to add flair. A vintage brooch or necklace puts a bit of sparkle to understated, basic outfits. Choose pieces that carry a classic or interesting design and come in colors that you can pair with most of your clothes. Don’t wear them all at the same time. They should enhance, not clutter your look.

Shoes – Again, those off-beat colors and quirky styles blend in well with a simple classic outfit. Those purple patent leather ballet flats may be just what you need to jazz up your gray and black pantsuit. And it should not matter if you don’t have a bag to match. A black leather purse will do.

Floral print blouses – Pair them with basic wash jeans, dark-colored trousers or a simple solid-colored skirt for an easy-going but still put-together look for the weekends. Layer them over a white or pastel-colored camisole for extra credit.

Jeans and other denim clothes – Get that pair of flared jeans with the little stud accents, wear it with a solid-colored top, match with strappy stilettos, and party with the gang. Ease up Friday casuals with a denim jacket, a chunky necklace, a white tank top, and black trousers. Please do remember the cardinal rule on denims: Never wear two denim items at the same time.

Tweed or wool blazer – Revive them from their dowdy browns, blah-blah beige or depressing grays by layering them over pastel floral blouses or dresses. Use them to tone down bright, solid colored items.

Skirts – The folksy ankle-length skirt or that printed hanky-drop number mixes perfectly with a black or white tank top or baby tee, classic flats or sandals and hoop earrings.

When going through sale bins, do make sure that the clothes and shoes you pick out fit well and are cut to your body type. No matter how great it looks, there’s no point in wearing it if it squishes or contorts your body.


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