Amazing Street Wear Outfit Ideas 37
Amazing Street Wear Outfit Ideas 37

39 Amazing Street Wear Outfit Ideas

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What to Wear

Whether it’s your first trip to Bangkok, or it’s practically your second home, I would suggest bringing fewer pieces of clothing because you will inevitably be SHOPPING! Bangkok is definitely a shopping paradise, so it is an amazing place to go with your girlfriends (read: leave the significant other at home). I can’t count the hours I have spent in Central World or Siam Paragon.

I am personally not a big fan of the heat, but if you like the more local shopping scenes, you should visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market and the Patpong Night Market. En route to Central World, I spotted many Thai girls wearing sleeveless tops and shorts. Bangkok is definitely not a place for capris much less a place for full-length skinny jeans.

Unless you are going to the Palace for sightseeing, you are not required to fully cover yourself, so enjoy the sunshine. Obviously don’t forget your bikini and a decent pair of Havaianas. Bangkok has an amazing nightlife happening as well, so remember to pack a short, sleeveless dress (it is a hot city) and a nice pair of heels with you. And umbrellas aren’t just for the rain! In Bangkok, they also serve double-duty as a shield from the sun.

Outfit Ideas

  • Site-seeing: Flexible but well-cushioned sandals or flip-flops (opt for comfortable rubber flats like those from Crocs – not the garden shoe, but the ones that look like slip-on Keds); shorts or cargo capris; a colorful tank; a light cotton vest or a summer scarf for punch. Bring an umbrella or fan for especially bright and hot days!
  • Visiting the Palace: More conservative – a light short-sleeved floral dress (or bring a light cardigan); low-wedge sandals. Or try a short-sleeved cardigan over a cami and mid-thigh short with street tennies.
  • Nightlife: A sleeveless floral dress or romper with heels (bring flip-flops or fold-up ballet flats if you will walk a lot!).

Extra Things to Bring

  • Umbrella
  • Fan
  • Bandanna or 100% cotton scarf for when it starts to heat up enough for you to sweat
  • Minimal jewelry – as hot as it can get, no need to have something heavy and expensive-looking hanging on you!

Weather in Bangkok

The only thing that really changes in Bangkok year-round is the amount of rainfall. August and September get the most rain at an average of 8 – 10 inches per year while November – March and June gets the least at 1 -2 inches. Every other time of the year is about 4 – 6 inches. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax at an average max temperature of 92 degrees F (33 degrees C) and a min temperature of 77 degrees F (24 degrees C). No wonder visitors have discovered the vacation hot spot that is Bangkok in the last decade!

Shopping in Bangkok

  • The first place you should go when you land in Bangkok is not your resort, but Forever 21. The Forever 21 in Central World is not only huge, it is also well priced. You can find everything you need for your stay in Bangkok there. They only carry summer clothing though, so if you are from somewhere with a real winter, the choice of clothing is probably less appropriate for you to bring back home.
  • Siam Discovery Center is a mall filled with pieces by local Thai designers. You can find all sorts of innovative designs there, with minimal chances of being caught in the same dress as another girl back home. My favourite is the Good Job Store, which sells amazing clutches, handbags and briefcases.
  • Naraya is another must-visit. This Bangkok-based brand is famous for their silk and cotton bags, which are cheap and cheerful. If you have bought way too many dresses from Siam Discovery Center, you will need to stop here for a huge bag to stuff all your shopping finds in.


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