Smart Halloween Nail Art Designs 30
Smart Halloween Nail Art Designs 30

36 Smart Halloween Nail Art Designs

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Halloween costumes are not necessarily just for Halloween anymore, especially when you’re talking about sexy costumes, Goth costumes, or party supplies. There are tons of ways to reuse those expensive items to extend their value.

My son taught me this lesson a couple of years ago. He was ten, and he had a real hankering to get a Goth or Punk costume, presumably to make him feel like a “big boy”…and of course, cool! I had no problem with this, and we set out to find the perfect Gothic look.

Let me tell you, there was no shortage in the stores and online. Goth was everywhere you looked. So he quickly settled on an uber-cool torn up red and black jacket with chains. It wasn’t the best made piece of clothing in the world, but it wasn’t the worst either. Next thing I knew, even though Halloween was still a month away, he was wearing it to school, getting tons of positive attention from his awe-struck friends. It was adorable.

The moral of this tale is – you guessed it – if you shop smart, you can use your costume for something other than frightening little kids with candy bags.

That whole ordeal got me thinking about other ways to use the great stuff I fall in love with in the stores every October. Since then, I shop for Halloween items in a whole new way.

Here are some examples:

Sexy Costumes

One of the most obvious alternate uses for costumes is lingerie. I’m sure we’ve all noticed the recent (and growing) trend in women’s costumes to be sexier and sexier. Many of the costumes border on indecent to start with, but even the less revealing or suggestive of them can be used in role play between consenting adults.

Popular ones include Catholic School Girl Costumes, Sailor Costumes, Alice in Wonderland, and variations on the Disney characters, like the Disney Snow White Costume. Seductive Vampires work really well too, especially considering the popularity of the Twilight series.

Wigs are also great costume accessories to use in love play. If it’s a high enough quality wig, you can wear it out for a night on the town as well.

Gothic Costumes

Take a page out of my son’s book and consider some of the various Gothic costumes and accessories for year round, if you’re into that sort of thing. They really pull out all the stops in October when it comes to stuff like that, and you can really find some neat items that stores don’t normally carry. Some of them are even of decent or good quality.

Chokers, spiked leather accessories, gothic belts, wicked-looking jewelry, temporary tattoos, platform shoes, boots. They always have quite a number of interesting jackets and dresses that can do double duty in your closet. And don’t forget the wigs! The key with using a costume in your wardrobe is to make sure you don’t get the same one EVERYONE is wearing for trick-or-treating, and to accessorize to make your piece unique. During this time, stores also carry a much bigger selection of things like unusual hair color and stick-on body and nail decorations.

Other Accessories

Another type of Halloween item you can re-purpose is party supplies and decorations. It may sound cheesy at first, but if you think about it they have some pretty neat products that, when removed from the rest of the whole Halloween atmosphere, can stand alone in a unique way.

You can really make a statement with the right gothic style glassware or serving dish. People also tend to produce a lot of Victorian pieces for Halloween. If you shop in the right places, usually online or in specialty Halloween stores that are only in business for a couple of months out of the year, you can find some pretty surprising things — lamps, dishes, serving pieces, curtains, chandeliers, trinkets, figurines, and more.

I hope this Halloween you will alter the way you look at Halloween items. Try to imagine them in another light. Picture what you could do with them AFTER October 31st. I’ll bet you’ll even come up with ideas I haven’t thought of.


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