Awesome Outdoor Vineyard Wedding Decorations Ideas 34
Awesome Outdoor Vineyard Wedding Decorations Ideas 34

36 Awesome Outdoor Vineyard Wedding Decorations Ideas

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Couples, prepare your thermometers, because if you thought hay fever was the only thing you had to worry about this spring, guess again! Springtime sets up the perfect conditions for lovers to catch the greatest fever of them all: WEDDING FEVER (Of course, I have it year-round)! Some awesome things about having weddings in the springtime include: the perfect weather conditions, the blooming and blossoming of the flora, and the relaxing rains. All of these things really get you in the mood for outdoor weddings!

Outdoor weddings are a fantastic way to celebrate your union because they really give you great one-on-one time with nature. Why does this matter? Well, some say that truly experiencing nature is very spiritual-that is, it brings you closer to your respective god, or, it helps you become more in tune with your spiritual center and self. For me, being outside during this time excites the senses… all of them! Think about it: the wind blowing through your hair, the birds chirping a springtime love song, the vibrancy of the natural flowers accentuating your color scheme, the ripples of the pond expanding in time with the crescendos of the wedding march as you walk down the aisle… the romance abounds!

The tricky part of an outdoor wedding (and all weddings) is of course, choosing a pristine location. Location is everything because it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. There are several really great places to have weddings outdoors! I have officiated weddings in backyards, beaches, parks, golf courses, vineyards, and gardens. Of course, the choice is yours, but gardens are my absolute favorite.

Here in Fayetteville, we have a great botanical garden called “Cape Fear Botanical Garden.” I’ve visited the gardens several times, for fun, for my birthday, and of course, for weddings! It has always been a wonderful experience. During my most recent visit, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Event Coordinator, Sharon Osborne. We shared many ideas about why the garden is a great place to hold weddings, and some helpful tips to look out for while planning!


The great thing about the botanical gardens is its versatility and flexibility. Cape Fear has many great places to hold your special event! Many weddings take place at the gazebo, a personal favorite, and there is also the Great Lawn, a fantastic spot because of all the adorning perennials. Of course, with 77 acres of land, the possibilities seem endless! In addition, we all know the risk included in outdoor weddings (weather can be SUCH a wedding crasher), and how important it is to have a plan B. Cape Fear has plenty of places to move your event inside just in case (it can also double as your reception hall)!

Stress-free planning

Decorating can really be a hassle, and often times determining the decorating scheme is the most difficult part of a wedding. That’s why it is so important to pick your location first! And with the garden, it gets even easier! “Sometimes, less is more, and since we already have a great backdrop, it is great to utilize what is already available. Weddings are the most stress free without a lot of moving parts,” Osborne advises.

Other Tips

After choosing your location, it is important to consider a few other things to make sure your day goes off without a hitch:

Consider the time-Osborne shared that after 3 o clock in the gardens, shade is prominent in many places.

Dress appropriately-you will be outside in the sun! Wear clothes that match the weather outside. If the sun is too bright, Osborne mentioned how fun it is to have parasols for guests to shade themselves, and you can always make a statement with a great pair of sunglasses!

Enjoy the scenery-it will be a beautiful day in addition to being one of the most important days of your life, so take the time to enjoy it!

Of course, you don’t have to feel tied to springtime; outdoor weddings are also perfect for summer, fall and (in some places) even winter! So, if wedding fever has your temperatures high, it’s time to take a holistic approach! In the backyard, at a vineyard, or in a garden, it’s up to you to decide where you’ll find your natural remedy!


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