Cute White Wedding Decor Ideas 30
Cute White Wedding Decor Ideas 30

38 Cute White Wedding Decor Ideas

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Have you ever been to a wedding that you thought was a bit … Tacky? I’m sure that Bride had the best intentions for the Decorating of her big day; nobody intentionally makes a wedding tacky (not that I know of!) So read on to ensure you do not make the mistakes that could make your wedding “one of those” weddings.

Mistake 1 – Too Much Color

A wedding is supposed to be an elegant, sophisticated, “grown-up” affair and while a touch of color here and there adds interest & ties all elements together, too much color or trying to “match” everything will make your wedding look more like a teenage girls birthday party then a sophisticated wedding.

Remember the saying “Less is more”. Try to remember this when brainstorming for wedding decorating ideas. Keep to natural colors and just use brighter colors very sparingly as accents here & there.

Mistake 2 – Trying To Match Everything

You don’t always have to match the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses with the groomsman’s ties, or with the table cloths etc. If you have a bright color for your bridesmaids, try to use a more subtle shade of it if you really must “match”.

I find it’s best to stick natural colors like whites, creams, silvers, golds, browns, greens (natural greens) and black. Choose 1 or 2 of these as your main colors for decorating with and use small accents of your bridesmaids color. For example;

  • Cream napkins with a cream table cloth with a black or gold table runner. Then use your theme color in ribbons as napkin holders at each place, or as colored card for the place cards,
  • A Centerpiece idea is to use mostly cream flowers and greenery with one or 2 of your theme colored flowers.
  • Use all white linen with a green table runner and if you have purple bridesmaids a peacock feather or other purple flower as the centerpiece (purple & green are great together)
  • Use all white linen with a Black Table runner and Mirrors on the table with a vase sitting on it with white flowers and black feathers – very Hollywood glamor and will go with any bridesmaid color

If you must use a bright color and match it – try to make white or cream the main color and the bright color just a touch here and there will look very elegant.

However, if you have a very large, empty or bland room as your reception room then you can get away with a little more color. A tip is to stand in the room without decorations and decide if it is boring, busy, or average. If it’s boring – turn up the decorations to add interest. If its busy, use all white or all cream with only one light brown or light gold color sparingly to tone down the room and if its average, then follow my above advice.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about your ideas, I’d be happy to give you my opinion!

Mistake 3 – Too Many False Elements

Silk flowers and  fake plants are an inexpensive way to add interest to your reception room, however make sure you can’t tell they are false (unless you touch them). If you can’t afford flowers as your centerpiece it’s probably best to just not use them rather than use silk or plastic (please – do not use plastic). Some centerpiece ideas for weddings are;

  • Candles are fantastic & relatively cheap from thrift or 2 dollar stores. Buy enough for 3, each of different heights for each table. Then buy a pretty plate (from a second hand store) or piece of mirror or glass for them all to sit on and there you have it, a pretty, cheap centerpiece.
  • Feathers can be a great addition to a centerpiece. Depending on your color scheme, you can use peacock feathers or you can buy large feathers which have been died to just about any color from most craft stores.
  • Or you can make your own floral centerpieces instead of using a florist. Buy enough tall vases for 1 per table. (you can hire them but it can sometimes be cheaper to buy them from thrift or 2 dollar stores) Then get your most trusted aunt or friend who is not in the bridal party to go to a florist on the morning of your wedding and buy some long white Lily’s or any other large tall white strong stemmed flower. Get enough for 3 per table (do not tell the florist they are for a wedding because they will double or triple the price!) use these Lily’s with one or 2 long colored feathers and some tall wicker (wicker can be bought from craft stores or florists). Then wrap a wide Black, White or Cream ribbon around the top of the vase for a decorative yet inexpensive centerpiece.
  • Tip – prepare the wicker, feather and ribbons in the vase in advance, then all your friend has to do is transport them and carry them into the reception room then place the flowers in with water. Organize this in advance with the reception center so they are aware.

You can make your own floral centerpieces using just about anything but the key to keeping it inexpensive is to use more of other elements and only a few flowers, it is also cheaper to do most of the work/research/set up etc yourself in advance with a friend or aunt setting up on the day for you (make sure you buy them a thank you gift for their trouble).

I hope these wedding decorating ideas have given you something to think about. As long as you remember these 3 things; 1. Keep it Simple 2. Keep it Natural and 3. Get an outsiders opinion if in doubt, then your wedding will be a beautiful, elegant & tasteful affair.

In the end, your wedding is a personal expression of you and your fiance’s love of each other so the wedding decorating ideas have to be yours, so try not to stress about them but if you follow my advice you will have friends and family complimenting your wedding decorating ideas and perhaps even stealing some of them for their own future weddings!


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