Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas 35
Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas 35

35 Impressive Pink Nail Art Designs Ideas

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China Glaze offers one of the largest selections of professional nail lacquer on the market today. They are known and respected globally by salon professionals and their clients, for producing professional nail polishes with the highest quality ingredients, state of the art technology, and a large array of innovative colors. They also have a great selection of nail treatments that they specifically formulate to combat any nail problems, offering you convenient solutions to fungus, week nails, nail biting, nail growth and much more.

What makes These professional lacquers better then the rest is the hardener they use, which is known as China Clay. This material is what gives China Glaze nail varnish its long lasting strength, extra strong durability, as well as the shinny, high gloss finish that it is best known for.

What girl doesn’t need a pink nail polish? Time and time again pink nail polish has made it to the top of the fashion industry. Thanks to China Glaze, you now have a huge selection of pink colors to choose from. Regardless of your mood or event you will have the choice of many different shades, guaranteed to suit your every desire from a soft pink for a romantic French manicure, to a hot neon pink for a spicy date night out and everything in between.

They should be your go to collection for fashion, business, vacation, punk and Goth nail polish colors. Any event you may find yourself attending, you are sure to find the perfect color!!

Here is a preview of their top selling pink polish colors;

* C.G. Blush Collection – First Kiss (#70644)

* C.G. Core Colours – Diva Bride (#70286)

* C.G. Core Colours – Innocence (#72025)

* C.G. Core Colours – Pure Elegance (#70305)

* C.G. Core Colours – Outrageous (#70524)

* C.G. Core Colours – Heaven (#70390)

* C.G. Core Colours – Pink Chiffon (#70362)

* C.G. Kicks Collection – Laced-Up (#80907)

* C.G. Visions of Grandeur Collection – An Affair To Remember (#70427)


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