Fashionable Dressy Pants Outfits Ideas For Summer 18
Fashionable Dressy Pants Outfits Ideas For Summer 18

36 Fashionable Dressy Pants Outfits Ideas For Summer

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When your daughter is getting married, it can feel like picking out an appropriate mother of the bride dress can be one of the hardest tasks of the entire wedding planning process! Happily, each year, the styles for the mothers of the brides and groom seem to improve and become more chic and less dowdy. From attire to jewelry to flowers, these are some of the latest style ideas for the mother of the bride.

There are some very pretty color trends this year for wedding attire. Purple is a huge color for 2010 weddings, and is one of the more widely available options for brides’ mothers. A rich and regal purple is ideal for a glamorous evening wedding, or lighten it up a bit with an orchid purple dress for afternoon. Shades of purple look especially nice in flowing chiffon. By the way, for moms who are most comfortable in pants, there are some stunning options for very dressy beaded chiffon pants outfits which would be gorgeous for any wedding. To increase the elegance factor, play up your glamorous side with custom wedding jewelry in dazzling Swarovski crystals.

Turquoise is another big trend for weddings this summer. It is not a color which everyone can wear, but if bright colors suit your personality and coloring, why not have some fun with a stunning turquoise dress for your daughter’s wedding? It is a wonderful choice for a wedding by the ocean, especially when paired with keshi pearl custom wedding jewelry. Such a bold color works well with the tea length dresses which are fashionable for mothers of the bride and groom this year. If you need to make your dress a bit more formal, it can be worn with a matching bolero jacket for the ceremony, which is popular for both brides and moms right now.

Evening weddings mean stepping up the elegance. Platinum or charcoal is the top color for formal weddings right now. To keep the hue from looking somber, select a dress in a fabric with some shimmer, such as silk satin or shantung. This would be a fantastic color option for one of the full length trumpet skirt gowns which are the height of style. Fashion-forward moms can select an ultra chic one shoulder gown. Black and white pearl jewelry has the perfect elegant sophistication to wear with such a stylish ensemble. Another trend is to for mothers of the bride and groom to carry small posies of flowers rather than wear corsages. This would be a great place to add a shot of color to the outfit, such as red or bright pink.

Cap sleeves are also a top choice for mothers of the bride dresses. They are more modern than long sleeves, and much more comfortable for summer. Yet, they do provide the feeling of having more coverage than a strapless or spaghetti strap dress affords. Coral is another hot color this summer, and looks like in chiffon, perhaps with a sprinkling of light beading. The hue looks wonderful against a bit of a tan, so consider coral if your daughter’s wedding will be in July or August.

There is no reason for a mother of the bride or groom to feel like she must wear a dress that is frumpy or lacks style these days. The choices have gotten so much better, compared to even five years ago, that there is now something elegant and chic available no matter where you live. In one of these latest styles, the mother of the bride may well feel like the prettiest woman in the room, second only to the bride, of course!


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