Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You 30
Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You 30

38 Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You

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It’s my belief that you should always be able to look at old photos and distinguish one year from another by just looking at your hairstyle: “Oh look! My hair was dark and in a funky angular bob, so that was 2009!” What are the hottest hair trends and ideas for 2011? What hair colors are top and in?

So far, it appears that the hottest hair trend so far in 2011 is long hair. I think long hair, especially if it’s down past your shoulders, is going to hold strong. A lot of celebrities are sporting long hair again, especially slightly wavy hair parted down the center, with the absence of bangs. Think of hair like Kate Hudson or Drew Barrymore, who have been sporting this look for years.

Short hair remains popular. Of course there are a lot of celebrities that are opting for shorter hair, and are pulling it off with grace. Such celebrities as Jeniffer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes love bob haircut. I love Michelle Williams short cropped pixie cut, and it added to her stylish simplicity at the 2011 Oscars. If you lead a super busy life, then considering going short is a good choice, of course only if you have the hair texture that will support it.

Super curly hair and super thick hair need not apply for a short hair job. In my opinion, 2011 will see a lot of short hairstyles, but they’ll be super short styles with low maintenance. I think that the days of shorter hair styles that have tons going on are over, so we won’t see short cuts with spiky pieces, angled pieces, and drastically long pieces in the front while the back is cut close. Michelle Williams and Halle Berry’s timeless crop are good examples 2011’s short hair trend.

Of course if you’re afraid to chop all of your hair off, you can always change your look drastically just by dying it. I think colors are going to be warming up this year, so we’re going to see a lot of dark, rich browns and warmer blonde colors. For the more adventurous, bold colors that have shades of blue, red, pink and purple are going to be hot as well.

Hair can always grow back, and it can always be dyed, so don’t be afraid to try out something new in 2011! Forget boring hair styles of 2010! Hello, modern short hair trends!


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