Stunning Party Dress Design Ideas That Look Glamour 32
Stunning Party Dress Design Ideas That Look Glamour 32

42 Stunning Party Dress Design Ideas That Look Glamour

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A wedding is full of memories treasured forever. When a bride chooses a wedding party, she carefully chooses her bridal party. It only makes sense that she chooses their dresses just as carefully. The trendy young bride should look for creations by a designer that has elegant collections and creates unique special occasion dresses.

Since the bridesmaids traditionally pay for their own outfits, the young ladies should have some say in what they are wearing. However, it is the bride’s special day, and she should have the final say.

Here are 10 tips that young brides-to-be may consider when choosing bridal party dresses for the big day.

1. Choose dress colors that will coordinate with the wedding colors. Each young lady does not have to wear the same color, but it should keep with the theme.

2. Decide how formal the wedding will be and stay consistent throughout the planning process. Evening weddings are traditionally more formal than morning or afternoon ceremonies. Church weddings also tend to be more formal than those performed at City Hall.

3. Leave enough time for all bridal party members to go shopping. Leave additional time for back orders and alterations, just in case.

4. Choose styles that are flattering to the figures wearing them. Every dress does not have to be identical. Not only should the bride look stunning, but so should her friends.

5. Find a fashionable designer that offers bridal party attire. The bridesmaid dresses can coordinate with the maid and matron of honor, as well as the flower girl dresses. The styles and material can also be coordinated as necessary.

6. When dealing with bridesmaids who live out of town, choose a national designer that distributes at certain retail stores or national wedding boutiques. This way, the young ladies can order the same dress from different locations without having to travel long distances or guess to find compatible dresses.

7. When deciding on hair pieces or hats, coordinate the dress fabric and color, style and features of those wearing them.

8. The bride should be sure to let the mothers of the bride and groom know as soon as the other wedding party members have chosen their colors. The two mothers will need time to select non-matching outfits of their own. They may wish to use the same designer to have the same style of elegance without wearing the same dress.

9. When choosing dresses for the wedding party, consider the temperature, season and climate of the wedding and reception location.

10. When all member of the wedding party have received their dresses, be sure that they all try them on as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute may cause undue stress and drama.


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