Modern Dress To Upgrade Your Wardrobe 26
Modern Dress To Upgrade Your Wardrobe 26

34 Modern Dress To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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I do not agree with everything stylists and fashion writers say we should do and wear.

From my local library, I picked up an old copy of Oprah Magazine. It was the August 2010 issue and this time, I do agree with O’s Creative Director, Adam Glassman. Well, I agree with one sentence. In the article, Bargain Outfits, he said that clothes and accessories just need to fit well and make you feel beautiful.

I believe that advice applies to women, whatever our clothing budget or spur-of-the-moment spending is.

Here, for business and professional women over 40, are my views on how to make fit, feel and price work for you as modern dressing skills.

Fit Well

Clothes that do not fit well and look good on you are a waste of money and create negative energy in your life. There is one proviso. If it can be altered to fit perfectly and you have the alterations done, that turns a negative into a positive. Leather shoes will stretch. Leather shoes that are too small will not stretch far enough to be comfortable. Yes, I write that sentence from vain experience. Boxy jackets, skirts at an aging length, too revealing necklines, dolman or batwing sleeves that widen your upper body are all examples of poor fit.

Learn what styles suit your body shape. Reveal or suggest rather than hide your feminine curves. Go for effortless comfort rather than painful vanity. Use the secret weapon of shapewear to look fabulous when the occasion is important to you.

Feel Beautiful

There is no point buying clothes unless you feel beautiful wearing them. Clothes are about lifting your energy when you put them on. They are also about the happy memories you associate with u wearing those clothes. If you feel old, dowdy or unhappy in your current clothes, it is time to learn more about today’s modern styles and how to wear them.

Sometimes we persist with annoying and uncomfortable things in clothes that could easily be fixed. Cut off that scratchy, annoying label; find a camisole to wear under that revealing top and replace or remove trims and buttons you do not like.

The material and its texture also have to look and feel beautiful to you when you wear it. If your wardrobe is full of same old, same old materials, go out and explore new materials and new styles. Imagine opening your wardrobe and thinking – How do I want my clothes to feel on me today? Then choose to fill your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that make you look and feel beautiful.

Top Dollar or Bargain Price

No matter how much we earn or have, we women all love a bargain. It is a bargain if it looks good on you; if it is modern in style and if it can be worn a few different ways with other clothes and/or accessories. It is not a bargain if you are restricted to only one way of wearing it.

You can make a cheap item look fantastic and more upmarket with quality accessories. Alternatively a quality classic item can look fantastic with cheap accessories as long as the accessories truly reflect your personality.

Top brands can be found at discount outlets, discount retailers, special sales or upmarket second-hand shops. The trick is to buy modern or evergreen classics that have a touch of difference. These will stay stylish for years.


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