Delicious Edible Summer Wedding Favors Ideas 38
Delicious Edible Summer Wedding Favors Ideas 38

39 Delicious Edible Summer Wedding Favors Ideas

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Edible wedding favors are one of the most popular forms of favor chosen by couples today. These favors are also gratefully received by wedding guests who are often relieved not to receive something which they have to plant, water or make themselves!

Using the season of your wedding day is also a popular way of applying a theme to your wedding celebrations. However many couples come unstuck when it comes to choosing suitably appropriate wedding favors that not only coordinate with the theme, but which will not leave their guests confused as to how they fit in.

Here are a few ideas for edible wedding favors with a seasonal flavor:

Spring is the time of new life, when the world awakes from its winter slumber and bursts into life. Favors for a spring wedding should be light and reflect flavors of the season.

Honey baked cookies which could be shaped in spring forms and iced accordingly keep with the popular trend of custom cookie favors. Likewise honey cakes would be a good alternative or simply pots of honey.

Spring is also the time of Easter so mini chocolate eggs would not be out of place, likewise rabbits or chicks. Present them in mini artificial birds nests for an unusual presentation.

As the warmest season, it is also one of the most bountiful with many seasonal fruits available, preserves and conserves are a perfect choice for summer weddings. Jars of strawberry jam or pear relish with personalized labels are a nice way to thank your guests.

Bottles of white wine or a light fruity cider would make a refreshing favor for your guests.

This is the season of harvest and a time when crops are gathered ready for the winter. It is also one of the most abundant seasons for produce and homely dishes.

As with summer, jars of preserves or conserves made with seasonal produce such as blackberries or spiced apple, make a good choice for your favors. Also bottles of spiced cider punch with personalized labels will go down a treat.

Make up batches of bonfire toffee, also known as hokey-pokey. This honeycomb style confection will not win any favors with your guests dentists, but it makes a delicious treat!

Toffee apples are another great favor which could be made at home and wrapped in clear cellophane to keep them fresh.

The season for comfort food and festive treats, winter offers much in the way of edible favors. Jars of homemade mincemeat, mince pies or jars of cranberry sauce are just a few.

Give sachets of mulled wine spice or mini bottles of brandy! Gingerbread is synonymous with the season and mini gingerbread men make a favor reminiscent of childhood.


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