Awesome Nail Fall Wedding Nail Ideas 23
Awesome Nail Fall Wedding Nail Ideas 23

35 Awesome Nail Fall Wedding Nail Ideas

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Wedding insurance is essential to protect the most important parts of your wedding day. Your wedding insurance will usually cover you for loss or damage to your ceremonial and bridal attire prior to, during and even after your wedding ceremony. However, limits will be different for each policy so you need to check with your provider. It will even protect you financially against cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control, or if a member of the immediate family becomes ill.

Whilst wedding insurance can protect most elements of your wedding, it cannot protect everything. Perfect looking nails are one of those things which will not be protected against breakages or damage – so it’s worth looking after them! You may get nervous before your wedding day and start biting or picking at your nails, perhaps even all the hard work of preparing for your wedding will mean your nails break more easily – so your nails are more at risk than you think.

As you slip your ring over your wedding finger, you will want your nails to look their best. Neat, shiny nails in good condition will finish off any wedding outfit, and can be the icing on the cake for your good looks. You should therefore take a few steps to ensure your nails are in tip top condition for the big day:

Moisturise: moisturise your hands on a regular basis leading up to your wedding. Your hands will feel softer and a good moisturiser will strengthen your nails and help them grow too. The average human fingernail only grows about 3 millimeters a month – so they will need all the help they can get![1]

File Away: filing your nails will increase their strength and stop any nasty nicks turning into bigger rips which could ruin your nails. Don’t fear that your nails will become shorter; just a gentle file with a soft cardboard nail file will be sufficient to keep them in good shape.

Paint Job: painting your nails will help keep them stronger and will prevent them from breaking. You can even coordinate the colour of your nails with your colour scheme for the big day.

If you look after your hands you will have strong, beautiful looking nails which will show off your wedding ring in all your wedding pictures. Your wedding insurance will protect your wedding ring, so you just need to make sure you protect your nails.


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