Luxurious Glitter Wedding Invitation Ideas 36
Luxurious Glitter Wedding Invitation Ideas 36

37 Luxurious Glitter Wedding Invitation Ideas

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When it comes to your wedding invitations, you can easily rack up exceptionally high costs. These helpful little tips and insider tricks will ensure you save some money in this area.

1. Know your printing techniques

If you’re getting your stationery printed, then go for simpler printing techniques. Anything that has a special finish such as adding glitter, bows, embellishments, embossing (raised areas of the paper) or engraving will add to your costs significantly. The simpler you go, the more you’ll save.

In addition, consider the weights of your paper and the number of colours you use. Simply put, more weight or heavier paper and more colours means higher costs. A traditional black and white approach is the cheapest option.

2. Get your guests to respond by email or phone

Traditionally, there is always the letters RSVP on the invite with the address of where to send your response and most guests responded in the traditional way – a letter. Now, it’s fashionable to provide your guests with a card, envelope and stamp – notching up your costs fast.

Ditch this modern trend and go for the traditional route with a modern twist by using email. You’ll save on additional printing, paper and postage costs as well as doing a good deed for the environment. Don’t forget to include your email address on your wedding invitations.

3. Make your own invites

Consider making your own wedding invitations Рyou really will save a considerable amount. If you make your own invites, thank you cards, place cards and table numbers you can easily spend under £50 on the lot. You just need a bit of time and a little creativity.

Many cards these days have bows on, which are incredibly easy to recreate – all you need to be able to do is tie a bow! Or you could try patterns and simple drawings with glitter glue, or good old fashioned illustration. Making your own will give you a unique look and feel as well as save you a fortune.

4. Consider electronic invites

If you don’t mind an informal approach you could email your invites. This is certainly is the best way to save on your invitations as it will cost you next to nothing.

Just because you’re using email, doesn’t mean you have to have plain and boring text invites; you can still get creative. You can still design a beautiful invitation, whether you use a traditional looking invitation card or take photos of you and your fianc√© to create the basis of your invite. Whatever electronic route you decide, you’ll find your costs are minimal and you’ll save a few trees.

5. Use second class post

If you do go for the traditional method of sending your invitations by post, then ensure you use second class postage. Since you’ll be sending them weeks in advance a few extra days won’t make any difference and you’ll save yourself some cash.


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