Smart Ways To Rock The Winter With Versatile Jeans 39
Smart Ways To Rock The Winter With Versatile Jeans 39

39 Smart Ways To Rock The Winter With Versatile Jeans

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Just about every woman out there is on the search for their best fitting, most flattering pair of jeans. If you’re a plus sized woman, you may have some trouble locating the perfect jeans. Contrary to popular belief, you do not just want to walk into your nearest plus size clothing store and buy the trendiest pair of jeans you can find off of the rack.

Instead you want to find those jeans that best suit your sense of personal style as well as your body shape. You can absolutely buy a few pairs of trendy jeans, but do not limit your wardrobe by only buying those “in one minute and out the next” items. The key to maximizing your wardrobe is to mix and match trendy pieces that you wear in more casual settings with more versatile pieces of denim that you can dress up or down.

Jeans: A Fashion Trend That Is “In” For Every Season

Jeans are a staple “must have” fashion item. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. It makes sense to buy a couple of pairs of jeans. Look for “trendy” jeans and then a more classic pair of jeans, such as a pair of slimming dark denim jeans. You will want to avoid anything extreme for the sake of versatility. Lots of whiskering, extreme washes, distressing or the “destroyed” look works best for more fun, casual occasions.

It goes without saying that it is important that your jeans fit properly. Far too many women try to hide their perceived flaws by purchasing jeans that are way too big and baggy. Ask any salesperson in a plus size store and many will tell you that a lot of women try on clothes that are actually too large for their frame. That’s right – they’re thinking that they are bigger than they actually are! Instead of looking thinner, they have effectively added a few pounds onto their frame!

No matter what your clothing size, you will want to find slim-fitting and figure-skimming jeans that fit and flatter. If your body is on the thicker side, you will want to buy a pair of jeans with a bootleg cut or even wide legged jeans to add some balance to your figure. Some say that plus size women can’t wear skinny jeans, but I disagree. Skinny jeans look simply smashing on tall plus size women. The added height makes their legs looks really long and lean, especially with a pair of heels.


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