Impressive Military Cuts For Any Guy 31
Impressive Military Cuts For Any Guy 31

37 Impressive Military Cuts For Any Guy

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August 16, 2008, Michael Phelps went for a perfect 8-for-8 in Beijing, breaking Mark Spitz’s singe-Games record for gold medals with his buzz hair-cut. A couple of weeks ago he was a laid-back looking guy with ruffled hair and a beard.

By the time he swam his first race he was clean-shaven and with a fresh buzz-cut. In preparing for speed he chose one of the fastest hair-cuts you can get.

Wearing a buzz-cut you get low-maintenance care and styling. It’s also a quick hair-cut to cut, since it is a clipper-cut. Cut to a consistent length all over with a ¼ to ½ inch guard, and then neatly cut in front of the ears and across the neck-line.

The buzz-cut is a popular do on many athletes, rock stars, Military, Law Enforcement and many other guys, right now.

Buzz-cuts have been worn by young men for many years now; almost every guy I know has had a buzz-cut. Especially, for kids this is easiest hair-cut for moms and kids to take care of. You can use gel to spike the ends on the top up or smooth wild hairs down.

Older men enjoy this hair cut too, as it is cool in warm weather and hot climates as well as short and tidy. It’s the perfect cut for any occasion or occupation.

The buzz-cut is easy to grow out too, just keep the hair-line trimmed along the ears and back. From Olympic athletes to the familiar guy the buzz-cut is one of the hottest cuts today. Congratulations to Michael Phelps and the entire team USA in the 2008 Olympics! Go all-out USA!!


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