Elegant Jewelry For Woman 38
Elegant Jewelry For Woman 38

39 Elegant Jewelry for Woman

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Jewelry as a gift has always been a traditional favorite for women. Women love to wear jewelry and the more they have the better.

When you are buying a gift of jewelry, it may help to take along an already-owned piece to compare length. If this is not possible then select a princess length necklace (17- 19 inches in length). This is an excellent choice if you are not certain which strand length is most appropriate.

Another thing to consider before buying jewelry is whether she prefers to wear silver or gold-toned pieces. Sterling silver jewelry is affordable and very versatile.

Find if she is allergic to metal. Jewelry allergy is a common complaint from many people. The main cause of these allergies is the nickel content present in jewelry. Pure gold and silver metal are too soft and have nickel added to make them hard. For gold, less the karat value more shall be the nickel content.

Avoid dyed gemstones; some of them can leave temporary color streaks on the skin when they become moist with perfume or perspiration. However, it’s important to know that not all dyed gemstones have this problem. Use your best judgment when selecting colorful gemstone jewelry. If a color looks unnatural and thick, it is more likely to be a dye that may rub off onto the skin.

The size of the jewelry is also important. Would she use chunkier beads and pendants or smaller and lighter jewelry?

Think about her lifestyle. Would she prefer simple jewelry for daily wear or more elegant, dangling pieces?


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