Most Comfortable Heels For Woman 31
Most Comfortable Heels For Woman 31

38 Most Comfortable Heels for Woman

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Men are always looking for ways to attract a woman and make her fall head over heels for them! Since the beginning of time, men have always been on the hunt for beautiful women. However, not all men are confident in going after these women.

Listed below are 3 effective tips to make a woman fall head over heels for you, no matter what the situation is at hand.

1. Always act courteous and compassionate. Women will open up to a man that is compassionate. Most women and by most I mean about 80%, like it when a man shows a bit of sensitivity. If a woman is out and about, chances are she is getting picked up by ill-mannered men. With this being the case, you will be a breath of fresh air! Acting this way will make her comfortable around you, and will enable her to open herself up as well.

2. Ask her things about herself and share with her things that relate to what she is saying. This will have her thinking that she has things in common with you and will get her to become more interested.

3. When engaging in conversation with her, keep your eyes on her and do not get distracted by other things going on. A woman likes to have a man’s undivided attention. They say that the eyes are the doors to the soul. If you learn to speak with your eyes to her, this could be the door to her heart.

Although there are a lot more ways to make a woman fall head over heels for you, these tips are a good jump start and can help give you confidence in approaching a woman in any given situation.


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