Male Mustache Models That You Should Know 27
Male Mustache Models That You Should Know 27

42 Male Mustache Models That You Should Know

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Have you ever wanted to grow a mustache and be the most popular guy in school? Or you want to look mature so you can buy a carton of beer to show that you are an adult? Girls can be very impressed if you have a mustache as it shows that you are a mature man. Here are 5 secret tips to grow a mustache easily and simply.

1. Drink lots of milk

Milk helps to increase bone density which in turn, makes your bones larger. When bones grow larger, it is often associated with hair growth. So drinking more milk can increase the amount of hair you have.

2. Massage the area where your mustache wants to be

When you massage above the lips where your mustache wants to be, you increase stimulation of hair follicles around that area. For instance, your arm pits is an area where you have many hairs. This is because it is being constantly rubbed by your arms when you move. This is the same principle when growing a mustache. Basically with you fingers, just massage your upper lips for 5 minutes a day to stimulate hair growth.

3. Eat a lot of Beef

Beef contains a lot of hormone, especially testosterone which is a male hormone. Testosterone is responsible for male features like big muscles, pubic hair, broad shoulder and mustaches. Beef contains a lot of hormones so that the meat can be tender and large. So when you eat a lot of beef, you get a lot of testosterone which helps you to grow a mustache!


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