Best Hairstyles Hides Mens Receding Hairline 07
Best Hairstyles Hides Mens Receding Hairline 07

35 Best Hairstyles Hides Mens Receding Hairline

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When your hair starts to recede or to thin, it’s natural to find this both a shocking and depressing situation. Of course many of your friends like to rub your nose in the fact that your hair is thinning while theirs isn’t. It’s also easy to feel insecure about your lack of hair and to try and disguise it or ignore it altogether.

However what is important to realize is that there are certain styles of hair that draw attention to thinning hair and there are certain styles that hide it well or at least look smart and presentable.

For example most male pattern baldness follows a similar pattern. That is, hair tends to thin on the top of the head, often around the crown. In addition, hair can recede leading to a higher hairline. When the hairline recedes while the top thins this can be a real recipe for disaster.

Whilst we all laugh at the classic “comb over” of a man trying to hide his thinning hair by growing the sides of his hair longer and then combing this over the thinner area, many balding men do a similar thing but on a less obvious scale.

For example, many men decide to grow their hair a little longer as they go thin in the hope that the longer hair will camouflage their thinning scalp though it normally only serves to draw attention to the problem.

Far better is to admit defeat and instead to trim the hair nice and short. Keeping hair closely-cropped makes it less obvious whether you are thinning or have simply chosen to trim your hair short. And when you think of this style – Jason Statham is a good celebrity example – it can look both presentable and attractive to members of the opposite sex.


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