Oversized Wool Coat And Boots For Your Winter Style 31
Oversized Wool Coat And Boots For Your Winter Style 31

38 Oversized Wool Coat And Boots For Your Winter Style

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Winter is always a busy time of the year. Like everybody, you too look forward to celebrate Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day with gaiety. However if the biting cold of the exteriors affects you, your festive celebrations may go for a toss.  So keep your wardrobe ready much before winter sets in.

To be in fashion during winter can be quite challenging. The right kind of winter fashion apparel can help you win many admiring gazes.

Some interesting ways to ready your winter wardrobe are listed below.

  • The most important item for your winter wardrobe is a coat. Choose a coat that goes with everything. It must be of good length and color. With a good coat you can not only keep cold at bay but also look fashionable.
  • Buy a classically designed wool blend suit. A neutral or black color pant is best for cold and can match any colored shirt. Choose evening dresses which provide more coverage than the summer ones.
  • Your winter wardrobe [http://www.elle.com/Runway/Ready-to-Wear] is incomplete without winter pants. Always have two types of thick tight fitting denim jeans.  A pair of black trousers and khaki must also be kept ready.
  • Buy warm clothes like blazers, blend sweaters, wraps or pashmina scarves. A scoop neck, v-neck, or boat neck cashmere sweater gives you plenty to choose from.
  • Accessories like brightly colored hats, scarves, purses, gloves and even mittens must also find a place in your wardrobe. Keep a large purse to carry extra winter items such as lotion and gloves.
  • Apart from heeled shoes, always have a pair of boots. The boots must rise to just below the knee and can be worn both with skirts and pants. They should be tight to the leg to give a warm feeling.

If you believe in clever layer dressing to beat the chill you can have favorite key pieces from your summer and spring collection. Keep your classic long sleeve button shirts, T-shirts, tights or stockings, classic skirts and brightly colored camisoles ready alongside your blazers and sweaters.

Make sure you buy quality clothes for your winter wardrobe. They will last longer and also serve the purpose. So go for cashmere or Merino wool for sweaters and 100 percent wool for dress pants.


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