Amazing Ways To Dress Up With Vertical Striped Wide Leg Pants 15
Amazing Ways To Dress Up With Vertical Striped Wide Leg Pants 15

43 Amazing Ways To Dress Up With Vertical Striped Wide Leg Pants

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Women’s fashion trends may come and go, clothing styles may change from season to season but pants remain an affix clothing item in every woman’s wardrobe. They wear them to almost any event or occasion but the hard part is to find the perfect pant that compliments your body shape and makes you feel comfortable.

There are three basic styles: flared, fitted, and straight and the first thing you need to know is which style suits you best and which one you should stay away from. Remember the idea is to choose the ones that flatter your body.

To make your shopping trip stress free here are some tips worth remembering

1) If you are petite and want to look tall you should always go for the same color on the top and bottom. On the other hand if you are tall you can downsize your height by wearing different colors on top and bottom.

2) Too thin or too heavy women should never go for fitted legs. Flared legs go well with the tall slender figure while straight legs are better choice if you have fuller thighs. If you want to create fullness use a wide legged pant.

3) Another important element is choosing the right fabric such as denim, corduroy, velveteen, cotton, knits, and medium weight blends are used for pants. Unless you have a perfect figure at all costs avoid fabric that clings tightly to your body as it will accentuate your body shape.

4) Your pants should always fit comfortably at the waist but avoid pants that are too tight around the hips and thighs. Your pants should never wrinkle at the waist, or look baggie on you bum.

Remember to take your time keep trying until you find the perfect one that fits you perfectly, flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable but keep in mind weather you are short or tall, thin or heavy there are pants available that can flatter your figure!


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