Lovely Maxi Dress Trending Today 25
Lovely Maxi Dress Trending Today 25

41 Lovely Maxi Dress Trending Today

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The good news is the summer heat should not have to let you get rid of your chic and sophisticated look when you want to dress up for a party. I discovered that most women in their forties who are faced with making a decision as to what to wear when going to a party – will typically go for a black dress than something more colorful.

I do get it- we all love black because it remains a safe choice, flattering and hides all those problem areas. Forget about the safe route, though. Choose something that will keep you cool and yet look trendy and alluring.

White and monotone
Choose a top and bottom that is monotone; especially if your shape is wide. It allows you to appear taller and thinner and evens out your body parts. Don’t forget that white can be quite dressy and elegant. Combine a white linen tunic with a white pair of pants.

Wear embellished sandals, a cotton scarf and silver bracelets. You will get so much looks from the guys across the room. Well, if you are single! If you are not, then the man you brought with you won’t be able to take his eyes off of you all night.

Peak-a-boo dress
The peak-a-boo or cut out dress is sexy, sophisticated and elegant. It flatters the upper part of your body; more so your arms and puts the attention to your face and away from the problem areas. Go for colors like tangerine, mint, lemon zest and coral. Color block is also another great option.

What about the long peasant skirt? It has returned, but be careful. You don’t want to look plump and aged. Instead, you could choose a maxi dress and wear it with gladiator sandals. If you are tall, you could try a long flowing skirt combined with a sleeveless scooped-neck blouse. If you are going to reveal your arms, choose wider straps for the blouse. It will hide your bra straps and be OK for your age.

Don’t forget to accessorize; especially if you are going to a formal party. It will also add glamor and spunk to your outfit. Chunky jewelry, dangling earrings, and stretchy bracelets add flair to any outfit. You can also layer your accessories by combining bigger pieces and smaller pieces to put some fun into your night.

Remember your feet! When shopping, choose shoes that are colorful or embellished. Get that pedicure for those peep toed shoes. All the details will matter.

When you step into that party, all eyes will turn to see what you have on. What do you feel comfortable to wear at the age of forty and beyond? Do you think aging women should just stay home and not party? Do you think that if they do go out, they should be more conservative? Do you have any fashion trends that have worked for you? Let’s hear from you. Leave your comments today.


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