49 Bikini To Add To Your Wardrobe

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When women go to the beach or to a pool at their favorite resort, they usually like to bring along sexy and provocative swimsuits. Some women like to wear one-piece swimsuits, while other gals go for the two-piece or bikini variety. Having a stunning swimsuit is a must for the beach and that fact requires no explanation.

However, you know that you can’t wear your swimsuit all day long. You might want to have lunch or stroll through the local boutiques. In addition, most women don’t want to bring along a change of clothes when they know they will be going back to the beach. When you experience one of these moments, you’ll want to have something along that’s less revealing. That’s where a beach cover-up comes in handy.

During the summer season, you’ll be able to find many chic and sheer cover-ups that you can choose from. These trendy designs will not break the bank, and the fashionable Styling will be an asset to your summer wardrobe.

One style of cover-up is always very popular and stylish, and that’s the sarong. Its versatility can add to your wardrobe’s functionality. Not only can you tie the sarong in many ways, the colors and designs are true reflections of the summer season.

It’s easy to wrap a sarong around your waist so that you can just cover up your legs. Then the top part of your body reveals your tank top or bikini top. A sarong can be tied into a knot above the bust area, which allows it to appear as a tunic or short dress. If you choose to loosely knot the sarong around your neck, the fabric will freely drape over your body and hang on your shoulders.

Besides covering you up, your sarong can also be used as a protective mat on the beach between you and the sand.

The tunic is another popular cover-up that fits loosely and varies in length. Some tunics are just long enough to cover your buttocks area while others reach the knees. Many women like to wear tunics because they believe that they resemble their boyfriend’s shirt. The only difference is that a tunic is made of sheer fabric.

Sometimes you can find tunics with sleeves but most tunics cover only two thirds of the length of your arm. Several clothing designers have also created tunics that are accented with a hood, similar to a tunic hoodie.

Additionally, caftans are very popular as cover-ups. The fabric that’s used for making caftans certainly is known to flatter almost every type of figure. Caftans are long so you’ll have to try one on for sizing’s sake, especially if you’re short. You wouldn’t want to take a caftan to a seamstress to shorten; that would defeat the purpose of finding suitable garments for your beach wardrobe.

One solution is to look for caftans that are short in length. Then, regardless if you’re tall or short, it won’t matter. The caftan will fit both types of figures and will cover your bare skin quite nicely.

If you’re a woman who likes to go to the pool or the beach, you might want to add several sheer cover-ups to your list of things to bring along. They’re lightweight, they serve many purposes, and they don’t take up much room in your beach tote or luggage.


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